Improve the Appearance of your Hands & Feet with Kure Bazaar & Bio Seaweed Gel

In our quest for green beauty we found these amazing nail polishes and gels that preserve the vitality of nails respecting their natural cycle of regeneration.


Kure Bazaar

These nail polishes are eco-friendly, non-toxic and animal-friendly. The formula is 90% organic, vegan and natural in origin. Combining the ethics of an eco-natural formula with vibrant colours of fashion. A technological innovation after years of research leading to dramatically reduce the use of chemicals, no compromise. A new philosophy that preserves the vitality of nails, respecting their natural cycle and regeneration. Smooth, strong and healthy, detox your nails in colour.

Bio Seaweed Gel

A gel polish with 2+ weeks of a high shine, chip free finish, free from formaldehyde, toluene, DBP, BHA and camphor resulting in Zero Dehydration, Weakening or Staining of the nails.
Cruelty-Free | Vegan-Friendly | Solvent-Free




Improve the appearance of your hands by pampering them, a treatment consisting of a soak, cuticles are softened and nails filed. Skin is then exfoliated. Hand and arm massage is then carried out using an organic hand lotion leaving them soft and smooth. Strengthener can be applied if desired, or lustrous coloured, organic polish.

Lush Manicure


A similar treatment to our manicure with the addition of hands being enveloped in paraffin wax which softens and nourishes, leaving yours hands fabulously soft.

Gel Application

£28 Hands
£30 Feet 
£10 soak off & nail care

Gel based varnish , no chipping, no smudging, dries instantly. (Guaranteed for 2 weeks)



Our feet reflect tensions and stress in our lives, so it is vital to care for them. this pedicure involves bathing feet in a lemongrass essence, heels are smoothed, toenails are filed and painted if you wish. Legs and feet are massaged with an organic foot lotion.

Lush Pedicure


Involves similar treatment as the pedicure, with the addition of feet being enveloped in a paraffin wax which softens and nourishes the feet. leaves you with a lighter spirit.


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